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Patrona Coffee

Patrona Coffee Morning Crow Medium

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A bright roast that is rich and flavorful.  Perfect to start your morning!

Roast Level:  City

Species: 100% Arabica

Origin: Guatemala

Flavor Notes: Subtle berry with balanced flavor, aroma and acidity.

About Patrona

Patrona is How Florida Does Coffee

Patrona Coffee founded in Florida, right on the Tampa Bay became a destination coffee shop. The Patrona Coastal Café quickly grew in popularity for its combination premium coffee roasted in-house and the cool coastal Florida vibes of the waterfront location. Whether you are experiencing your own picturesque destination or dreaming about it, Patrona is part of your escape!

Gourmet Coffee Roasts

Our Guatemalan coffee is known for its rich, chocolatey flavor profile with hints of fruit and nut undertones. This coffee is grown in the high altitude regions of the Central American country, where the volcanic soil and ideal climate conditions contribute to its unique flavor profile.

Guatemalan coffee is considered one of the finest in the world and is often sought after by coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the unique flavor and quality of this coffee. The coffee is known for its medium to full body and is considered to have a balanced flavor profile, making it a great coffee for espresso, pour over, or cold brew.

If you are looking for a rich and satisfying coffee experience, Guatemalan coffee is definitely worth trying. Whether you prefer to enjoy your coffee black or with a touch of milk, this coffee is sure to impress.