Assert Yourself at the Top™

The Patronas Club our exclusive coffee membership program and the perfect way to bring the cool coastal vibes of the Patrona Coastal Café back to your home. Members get our specialty beans roasted fresh in small batches delivered directly to their door for 20% off the regular price. This is not a one-time discount, but a discount on every order! Additionally, we'll send a $10 off discount code every month that can be used on on any of our Patrona Coffee or Patrona Living items. These savings are exclusive to Patrona Club members only!

Sign up is easy. Just choose a roast from below. Select Subscribe & Save 20%. Choose your delivery schedule.

You can change your roast. Skip a delivery and manage your subscription all from the convenience of your phone. There's no easier or more affordable to way to have premium small batch specialty beans delivered right to your door.

1. Choose a Specialty Roast

Experience a freshness in your coffee that will have you feeling like your relaxing on the water at the Coastal Café!

2. Get Great Coffee and More!

With The Patronas Club coffee membership you not only get fantastic coffee that will literally inspire you to do great things, but you'll get real cash discounts that can be used at the Patrona store on great items like coffee mugs, Patrona apparel, or more coffee!

3. Easily Control your Membership

Swapping roasts, changing an order date, updating a quantity and more can be all done hassle free right from your phone. No apps to install or additional enrollments needed.