What is Morning Crow?

We all know of the roosters crow in the morning.  Before alarm clocks, it was often the morning crow of the roosters that would signify the start of a new day.  But, why does a rooster crow anyway?   The most important reason a rooster will crow is to say "I am here." They announce their presence loud and clear to anyone or any other roosters within earshot. In their native environment of jungles it is important to announce to avoid confrontations between competing roosters. Roosters will announce their territory in such a way as to say "private property" or "no trespassing!"   

It was NOT this idea that led to our signature Morning Crow roast. 

Most think only roosters crow. But hens crow when they are at the top of the pecking order to establish dominance & act as a protector of other hens. We call her The Patrona.

PATRONA means Boss Lady or Leader.

Our signature coffees are a salute to all the women leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and those aspiring that have the grit & grind to take the road less traveled and own it! A tribute to all the boss ladies that came before us, the ones that stand beside us and to all the future Patronas we can inspire.